Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Dog?

Is There Really Such A Thing As A Bad Dog?

Bad Dog?

Having an unruly dog that won’t do as it’s told just doesn’t cut it in my view.

I’m sorry and I don’t mean to offend but I think NOT! I believe that a dog that is said to be bad is a simply a mirror image of its owner and it’s lack of proper training.

How often do you hear someone saying bad boy or bad dog when their dog is misbehaving? Even worse is to see someone start beating the crap out of a poor animal for a misdemeanour?

But maybe what we as witnesses should do is say “Bad handler?” Another thing which gets me going is top have a friends pooch jump up on me leaving my clothes covered in muddy paw marks.

Oh Yeah, my other Pet Hate is the owner who lets his dog dump on my property or the side walk and doesn’t even have the decency to clean up afterwards.

But my question to you is “Surely these cannot all be bad dogs?” These dogs are certainly not guilty of being labelled as “Bad Dogs” anymore than the neighbor’s wayward kids. So should we be blaming the dogs (or the kids) when its the adult who’s supposed to be in charge and hasn’t set out clear guidelines?

We need to control our pets and we do this with training right from puppy stage. It’s the owner’s responsibility It’s the owner or trainer who must lead the way and teach them right and wrong ways to act in and out of the home. It makes sense to me that everyone who is thinking about dog ownership should at the very least read a book or watch a dvd in order for them to understand what a dog requires for its safety and well being as well as the safety of others especially when around children. In fact it makes sense for anyone who is lacking in knowledge or confidence should find a suitable dog trainer who can teach the owners as well as the pets how to properly handle the dog without turning it into a frightened rabbit, which just kills the dogs natural spirit. Another method of learning yourself how to be a good owner is to find themselves a good online guide such As This One Here:

You could enquire at your vet’s practice when you are getting your puppy his shots or even local pet stores for names of local dog trainers who hold private or group training meetings for new dogs and owners. I particularly favour the almost instant method of an obtaining a downloadable dvd training course in order to help with any Dog Trainers problems you may be having with your dog.

Much of this training will teach the owner how to care for your dog and how to obtain the proper balance of control and enjoyment as well as showing you how to properly control the dog under different circumstances. I’ve even heard of Dog Trainers say that they sometimes think that it is easier to train a dog rather than its owners. But either way a dog owner needs to know his responsiblities and the dogs needs leadership and to know its boundaries.


Dogs should always be on a leash when out in public places, in fact some of the large and often notorious dog breeds should even be muzzled. The owner should first practice, because any puppy will rarely tolerate having to wear a collar and a lead without a little encouragement. A good tip whenever you are training your puppy is to have a small bag of dog treats with you, You should use simple one syllable commands when training wherever possible and show your pup what is expected, then when he gets the command right, offer the puppy a treat, believe me your dog will soon get it right, but any initial training should begin indoors or around the yard or a smaller location where there are no distractions because a puppy will not have a long attention span, so just do the training when your pup is interested and alert..


Have you ever heard a dog constantly barking? Barking is a behavior that can lead to their owners distress, in fact their neighbors too. But simply shouting or punishing the dog for doing something which is natural for them to do is counterproductive. In doggy communication barking is what he would be doing in the wild. Have you ever been to see a group of puppies at play? They are often barking when at play, it’s their way of communicating.


They also bark for attention, or the lack of it, or perhaps they need more water or food. But what you need to remember is that they are doing it for a reason and you need to learn the signs. A barking dog can be a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of entering your property, so completely suppressing the dog’s bark is not only unnatural but it could cost you a great deal. We have all seen the funny videos of pets including dogs on tv or youtube but you must remember not to laugh or encourage a puppy to bark and then expect him to stop when its not convenient for you.


Dog trainers should be able to teach you how to bring out the desired traits that you want to have using both praise and treats. You need to recognise when to reward and when not to reward your dog as you continue to train him. Dogs are clever and will learn by repetition and rewards. I’v found that www.EasyDogTraining4u.Com is a great article and breaks down Dog Training into easy bit size chunks.


Most importantly, don’t expect a dog to learn or forget something that’s contradictory to his nature. If you want to create a guard dog then buy a suitable breed of dog in the first place. Its no good trying to train a dog who’s natural actions are to be a lap dog or a gun dog like the retriever or poodle. Good dogs are trained using patience, rewards and kindness. You will never earn a dogs respect with beatings and shouting.

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